3 February 2017


SAS Sport will have the volunteers’ backs at the New Zealand Masters Games starting in Whanganui tomorrow.

SAS has provided more than 100 event volunteers with apparel to ensure they look the part at the annual event, shared between Dunedin and Whanganui on alternate years. School kid ushers have also been provided with a fluro bib to stand out from the crowd at the Cooks Gardens opening ceremony tonight.

SAS Sport founder Tim Connolly says the Masters demographic wasn’t the traditional SAS customer, but he was keen to connect with Kiwis that continued to be active in later years.

“I admire anyone that gets off the couch and gives competitive sport a decent crack,” Connolly said. “We’re keen to help grow Masters sport in New Zealand by providing a different aesthetic and real value in the apparel space.”

2017 is a big year for Masters sport in New Zealand with Auckland playing host to the World Masters Games, for the very first time, in April.

“Masters sport is about tribalism and catching up with like-minded sportspeople in a competitive, but social, environment,” Connolly said.

“We’d like to think Masters athletes going to the big dance will dress up and look the part. That’s where we can come to the fore with team and individual apparel that looks as professional as it feels.”

Connolly said the initial taste of Masters sport will be fully leveraged in the future.

“We’ve come to the party a bit late to provide the type of benefits we try to integrate into all our partnerships, such as a strong event presence and assistance with marketing and communications wherever possible.

“But the relationship has already piqued the interest of SAS staff and we’re developing specific designs and discounts for future events.

“I can also see some of our staff taking part in Masters sport…once they’re old enough. I think I’m the only one in our company that’s eligible at the moment!”

SAS Sport will provide Masters athletes looking to upgrade their apparel with a 10% discount throughout 2017.

A full rundown on the New Zealand Masters Games can be accessed at

9 January 2017


SAS Sport and The Uniform Shoppe have introduced a new customer pact and are developing a ‘New Era’ marketing and communications plan following eye-opening stakeholder research.

A score of key clients were surveyed in the latter stages of 2016 to determine their feelings about the products, services, brand attributes and marketing activity of the SAS family - The Uniform Shoppe, Connolly & Sons and SAS Sport.

The research revealed that clients felt more like family than customers, loved the SAS products and trusted SAS to have their back in terms of solutions and delivery.

They did, however, take SAS to task for a lack of focus on marketing and wished SAS would do more to promote itself.

SAS manager Lynley Tierney-Mahi said the research reinforced that they shared similar passions and the same goals as their major customers, but they needed to be more proactive in trumpeting their achievements.

Our clients say they are proud to wear our gear and they’re stoked with what we have achieved in the past two decades, but we’ve been under most people’s radar and it is time to engage with our tribe a bit more,” Tierney-Mahi said.

“We have developed a Customer Pact to live by, showcasing the positive brand attributes that the research identified - aiming high, working hard, providing solutions and fixing problems.

“We are also going to tell our story more effectively. A website revamp and being more active on our social media channels is the first step, but we’re also looking to engage with the public more at events.”

SAS has already developed an interactive Mad Skills Challenge to run at priority events and has vastly improved its mobile marquee experience for clients and customers.

We’re keen to work with all the partners we sponsor to enhance the event experience for their audiences and see how we can add value to that relationship,” Tierney-Mahi said.

“Communication is a key focus for SAS this year and we’ll be producing a series of videos to showcase our abilities and the relationships we have built.

“It’s exciting to think more people will be getting to know who we are and what we can do, but we won’t be forgetting the blueprint for client happiness - having their backs. It’s the foundation stone of our business and at the heart of our growth.”


6 December 2016


A new interactive challenge developed by SAS Sport has proven to be a big hit with spectators and competitors at New Zealand Tag Football events in recent weeks.

The SAS Mad Skills Challenge was successfully launched at the SAS Tag Day Out last month and again found a willing audience at last weekend’s Oceania Cup in Auckland.

Event co-ordinator Karishma Prasad said the challenge has been embraced enthusiastically because people of all ages and abilities can take part.

Because it’s a skills challenge you don’t need to be a master athlete or incredibly fit to take part,” Prasad said. “If you can throw or kick a ball you can show off your skills in a chilled environment.”

Prasad said the challenge was simple: from a launch zone contenders had five attempts to hit targets on the field. Hitting old Kiwi banknotes scored their face value (100 points for the $100 note down to 1 point for the $1 note), with the top point scorers making the grand final. Striking Kiwiana targets - like jandals, hokey pokey ice cream - resulted in spot prizes.

“It’s gone off at both events!” Prasad said. “The fans themselves have become the main attraction and it’s been really successful in breaking the ice and bringing people together.

It’s definitely something we want to continue with and grow in 2017. There are so many variations you can introduce, but the basic premise will remain: hitting the target earns bragging rights!

23 November 2016


A new interactive challenge developed by SAS Sport has proven to be a big hit with spectators and competitors at New Zealand Tag Football events in recent weeks.

That’s the call from Carrie-Anne Toko, the manager of the team which won the set of apparel from SAS Sport as part of a Mai FM competition surrounding last weekend’s SAS Tag Day Out at Ngati Otara Park.

Fearless, now a mixed team, was formed from a youth leaders men’s group that catches up every Saturday morning. In 2013 they decided to take up a casual sport as friends and elected to play Tag Football.

But Carrie-Anne Toko says the team has evolved to the stage where they’re not so social any more.

We’ve been together for three years now and while we started off as casual we’ve since turned full on and become ultra competitive, playing twice a week,” she said.

Fearless play Watchman Tag in West Auckland and Vikings Tag in Blockhouse Bay and Toko says their goal for the season is to win both modules.

She believes winning a new set of gear at the start of the season was a good sign….and an even better look.

Our previous uniform was a plain white tee with ‘Fearless’ printed on the back that we designed and printed ourselves. It was okay…but nothing like the bling uniform SAS Sport and Mai FM have designed for us. It’s brilliant to look and feel unified.

One team member was missing from Saturday’s handover, but with good cause. David Fusitu’a, the Warriors utility back, was in the United Kingdom with the New Zealand rugby league team, striving to beat the Kangaroos in the Four Nations grand final.