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SAS Sport Ambassador Sean Law

Touch Ambassador Sean Law

Sean Law is a current member of the Touch Blacks Open Men’s Squad and a silver medallist at the Touch World Cup.
His goal is to get the W at the next one! When Sean is not busy with his sporting commitments, he flexes his skills as a roofer or enjoys the simple things life has to offer, like chowing down anything chocolate or taking long walks in nature. “It’s crazy how enjoyable the little things in life are when you keep your phone switched off and in your pocket”, says Sean.

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For Sean, the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has been a real eye-opener. This year has taught him how important it is to slow down and take better control of his life rather than being on the go all the time. Sean now tries to focus on being present in the moment and has taken these life lessons to the sports community, where he advocates for everyone to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Sean started his journey as SAS Sport Ambassador back when he was still at Westlake Boys High School through Uniform Shoppe, one of SAS Sports affiliated brands, which supplied the school uniforms and sports attire. His relationship with SAS then continued with Touch New Zealand pathways.
Today, Sean has taken up the responsibility of leading the Touch Tribe, which gives him the opportunity to promote and represent the sport he loves most. We are very proud to have him on board and hope to continue providing him with the kind of encouragement and support that he deserves.

As we say at SAS Sport,
We’ve got your back!

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