Fearless Taggers Unified

A new interactive challenge developed by SAS Sport has proven to be a big hit with spectators and competitors at New Zealand Tag Football events in recent weeks.

That’s the call from Carrie-Anne Toko, the manager of the team which won the set of apparel from SAS Sport as part of a Mai FM competition surrounding last weekend’s SAS Tag Day Out at Ngati Otara Park.

Fearless, now a mixed team, was formed from a youth leaders men’s group that catches up every Saturday morning. In 2013 they decided to take up a casual sport as friends and elected to play Tag Football.

But Carrie-Anne Toko says the team has evolved to the stage where they’re not so social any more.

We’ve been together for three years now and while we started off as casual we’ve since turned full on and become ultra competitive, playing twice a week,” she said.

Fearless play Watchman Tag in West Auckland and Vikings Tag in Blockhouse Bay and Toko says their goal for the season is to win both modules.

She believes winning a new set of gear at the start of the season was a good sign….and an even better look.

Our previous uniform was a plain white tee with ‘Fearless’ printed on the back that we designed and printed ourselves. It was okay…but nothing like the bling uniform SAS Sport and Mai FM have designed for us. It’s brilliant to look and feel unified.

One team member was missing from Saturday’s handover, but with good cause. David Fusitu’a, the Warriors utility back, was in the United Kingdom with the New Zealand rugby league team, striving to beat the Kangaroos in the Four Nations grand final.

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