Game Changing SAS Creative

Newly launched SAS Creative is set to deliver major benefits to New Zealand sport, revolutionising how sports clubs and governing bodies resource administration and marketing activity.

A New Zealand-Sri Lankan collaboration that provides innovative outsourcing in admin, marketing, design and creative services, SAS Creative delivers custom-made business solutions across any industry.

Sport is a major focus and the initial testing ground. A successful trial at Touch New Zealand will continue long term and Touch Canterbury is now utilising the various services on offer as and when needed.

SAS Creative founder Tim Connolly, who started sports apparel company SAS Sport in New Zealand 21 years ago, wishes he could’ve accessed a similar creative hub back then. “Outsourcing is the future and delivers the right resource at the right time without big overheads,” Connolly said. “It’s a game-changer for small businesses and resource-poor companies, who can streamline operations and free up staff to focus on core business.” Connolly says SAS Creative invests heavily in personnel and IT solutions to fill knowledge gaps and skill shortages. “We keep up with new technologies, business trends and best practice to ensure our clients can operate effectively in an increasingly competitive world.”

Touch New Zealand CEO Joe Sprangers says he is thrilled with the support SAS Creative is providing.

“We have a dedicated Account Manager who is right across our business and directs the resources we need,” Spranger said. “We value that expertise and the new approach has brought a new dimension to our operations.”

Sprangers said SAS Creative’s team is talented, dedicated and always up for a challenge.

“They embrace engagement and respond quickly and creatively to any issue. We’ve forged a relationship based on trust and integrity and, by collaborating, we’ve become so much stronger as an organisation.” Connolly says SAS Creative custom-makes solutions for each unique customer relationship.“Full-time, part-time or casual, we fit in with each client based on their needs. Regardless of the size and scope of the relationship, we have a singular goal – to improve their productivity and help create a better business.” Offering SAS Creative services to sponsored parties, especially at grassroots level, is a priority for Connolly.

“We want to take some of the load off the many volunteers that power clubs and community groups,” Connolly said. “We have strong relationships with a host of sports and sponsor plenty of suburban clubs who would benefit from the type of support we can give them.”
Connolly expects client numbers to grow considerably over the next few years.

“Growth will be based on performance and we’re confident we can shake up the status quo, prove ourselves and become indispensable to our collaborating partners,” Connolly said. “The cost of doing business isn’t getting cheaper. We all have to be smarter and partnership-focused if we want to appeal to consumers and earn their trust.”

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