SAS TRIBES is a movement, a fresh approach to bringing different sporting tribes together.

SAS Sport has partnered with Basketball, Tag and Touch associations to offer more compelling events that attract increased competition, with an accompanying lift in social media interaction.

“We want to provide the sports we sponsor with additional support to make events more tribal,” SAS Sport CEO Tim Connolly said. “We’re gunning for fierce competition, coupled with more opportunity to engage with team mates, club mates and rivals via events and social media.”

The SAS TRIBES concept tipped off last Saturday with the opening day of basketball’s SAS Summer League in the indoor arena at Pulman Park in Takanini.

Forty teams from three separate Auckland basketball entities have registered for the six-week competition, with the finals day on 2 December.

“We now have teams squaring off that have never played each other,” Connolly said. “We’re confident that the timing is right, the concept is sound and we’re set to build a tribal structure that will be exciting for players and spectators.”

The SAS Summer League sees multiple games played throughout the day, with 10 different grades from U-15 boys and girls through to premier mens and womens.

SAS Sport has been involved in outfitting basketballers for almost 20 years and Connolly says the sport is “real sexy” right now.

“Basketball is the fastest growing sport in schools and momentum has come from different areas – Steve Adams in the NBA, the Breakers doing well in the NBL and the number of newly-created public courts.

“All those elements, when combined with the grassroots work being done by associations and academies, have created a tidal wave of support. Now we have to lock in the competitions that turn casual players into lifelong participants.”

A big part of the push to be more tribal is SAS Sport’s efforts to take its design and production capabilities to a new level.

“We have good fabrics, hot prices and customers now have more design options, including DIY opportunities online,” Connolly said. “Clubs and individual teams now have much more flexibility in terms of displaying their tribal colours and look.”

The SAS TRIBES banner will be attached to a 3 on 3 basketball event at Pulman Park on 25 November, as well as upcoming Touch and Tag Football events.

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