Mad Skills A Winner


A new interactive challenge developed by SAS Sport has proven to be a big hit with spectators and competitors at New Zealand Tag Football events in recent weeks.

The SAS Mad Skills Challenge was successfully launched at the SAS Tag Day Out last month and again found a willing audience at last weekend’s Oceania Cup in Auckland.

Event co-ordinator Karishma Prasad said the challenge has been embraced enthusiastically because people of all ages and abilities can take part.

“Because it’s a skills challenge you don’t need to be a master athlete or incredibly fit to take part,” Prasad said. “If you can throw or kick a ball you can show off your skills in a chilled environment.”

Prasad said the challenge was simple: from a launch zone contenders had five attempts to hit targets on the field. Hitting old Kiwi banknotes scored their face value (100 points for the $100 note down to 1 point for the $1 note), with the top point scorers making the grand final. Striking Kiwiana targets – like jandals, hokey pokey ice cream – resulted in spot prizes.

“It’s gone off at both events!” Prasad said. “The fans themselves have become the main attraction and it’s been really successful in breaking the ice and bringing people together.

“It’s definitely something we want to continue with and grow in 2017. There are so many variations you can introduce, but the basic premise will remain: hitting the target earns bragging rights!”

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