Research Helps Chart New Course For SAS Sport

SAS Sport and The Uniform Shoppe have introduced a new customer pact and are developing a ‘New Era’ marketing and communications plan following eye-opening stakeholder research.

A score of key clients were surveyed in the latter stages of 2016 to determine their feelings about the products, services, brand attributes and marketing activity of the SAS family – The Uniform Shoppe, Connolly & Sons and SAS Sport.

The research revealed that clients felt more like family than customers, loved the SAS products and trusted SAS to have their back in terms of solutions and delivery.

They did, however, take SAS to task for a lack of focus on marketing and wished SAS would do more to promote itself.

SAS manager Lynley Tierney-Mahi said the research reinforced that they shared similar passions and the same goals as their major customers, but they needed to be more proactive in trumpeting their achievements.

Our clients say they are proud to wear our gear and they’re stoked with what we have achieved in the past two decades, but we’ve been under most people’s radar and it is time to engage with our tribe a bit more,” Tierney-Mahi said.

“We have developed a Customer Pact to live by, showcasing the positive brand attributes that the research identified – aiming high, working hard, providing solutions and fixing problems.

“We are also going to tell our story more effectively. A website revamp and being more active on our social media channels is the first step, but we’re also looking to engage with the public more at events.”

SAS has already developed an interactive Mad Skills Challenge to run at priority events and has vastly improved its mobile marquee experience for clients and customers.

We’re keen to work with all the partners we sponsor to enhance the event experience for their audiences and see how we can add value to that relationship,” Tierney-Mahi said.

“Communication is a key focus for SAS this year and we’ll be producing a series of videos to showcase our abilities and the relationships we have built.

“It’s exciting to think more people will be getting to know who we are and what we can do, but we won’t be forgetting the blueprint for client happiness – having their backs. It’s the foundation stone of our business and at the heart of our growth.”

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