SAS Sport is at the head of a vertically integrated apparel manufacturing company that provides a complete and bespoke solution for each unique client relationship, with an emphasis on quality, delivery, service and price.

While we work hard to provide a one-stop solution for all our partners, we strongly believe in the value of teamwork, embrace collaboration and strive hard to work with complementary companies in a trusting environment.

As a vertically-integrated designer, manufacturer, distributor and retailer, SAS Sport can move mountains to guarantee the quality of our apparel at every stage of the supply chain. There is no other company in our part of the world that can produce a custom-made garment at an off-the-shelf price within a four-week turnaround – any time, every time.

We are experts in the entire product cycle – purchasing internationally renowned and tested fabric, dedicating our large and creative group of designers to any artwork task and producing all manner of printing, sublimating, appliqué and embroidery embellishments. Each item undergoes timely quality control checks to ensure the highest of standards are maintained.

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